To achieve cleanliness, mankind has resorted to various methods of struggle with dust, microbes. People acquire chemical tools for polishing furniture, destruction of unwanted micro-organisms. Advertising does his thing and people find it difficult to imagine the cleaning in the room without chemicals for cleaning, disinfecting and polishing. But don't hurt these funds to health? What would be the reaction of a child's body on the chemistry? - Scientists assure that such chemicals are harmful to human health, they cause allergies, eczema, dermatitis, burns and irritate the mucous membranes. However the water with a rag will hardly help in cleaning of serious contamination.Cleaning company “PremiumCleaning” offers its clients different types of cleaning using eco-chemistry. Our employees will help to clean up any pollution with organic products in combination with the use of modern methods of cleaning. The most successful methods include the use of modern filters for vacuum cleaners, the use of fabric, which is made from micro fiber. This material does not require cleaning, fabric used many times and it can be washed. We use eco-chemistry, which is absolutely safe for health, all funds have certificates of world quality and safety, and confirmed by certificates of Ministry of health of Ukraine.The use of professional eco-chemistry will not harm the children that live indoors, allergies, animals, and women in the state. All products are made from natural components, do not contain phosphates, nitrogen which have a negative effect on the human body.Cleaning without chemicals takes a lot of time and effort. We offer You a more interesting classes, while our experienced team will take care of the removal of all dirt apartment, house or office. The work is progressing very quickly with high-quality German equipment and hypoallergenic environmentally friendly cleaning products.With “PremiumCleaning” You get clean for a short time and will not cause harm to health!