После строительная уборка-en

The afterconstruction cleaning of Kiev
The company "Premium Cleaning" provides cleaning services for apartment, office, shop after repair. All types of cleaning after repairs are included in the service "Cleaning after repair Kiev".The team quickly and efficiently cleaned after repairs in Kiev and the region. Using modern technology easily purify the stains of paint, glue, varnish, construction of solutions and mixtures. Remove debris in the premises and the adjacent territory.To order cleaning after construction or repair is possible having called to us. To you on the subject, in the time convenient for you, will arrive our Manager with which you can solve problems by type of cleaning, size and price. With the Manager can discuss the apartment after repair, cleaning the house after repairs, office cleaning after repair, cleaning, shopping and office centers after repair, cleaning of premises after repair environmentally safe vehicles.The Manager will tell you about the types of cleaning after repairs in Kiev:- the removal of debris;- cleaning of pollution from construction of walls, ceiling, floor, communications;- cleaning of hard floors (granite, marble, laminate, tile, linoleum);- dry cleaning of carpets, carpet coverings;- cleaning of upholstered furniture;- cleaning of furniture;- washing of radiators of heating system;- dust removal from walls, ceilings;- washing of plinths- washing Windows, mirrors, show-Windows, glass surfaces;- cleaning sinks, sanitary ware;- cleaning of apartment, office under the key.Cleaning company "Premium Cleaning" has many years experience in the afterconstruction cleaning. Our staff will quickly cleaned every corner of your house, apartment, office, leaving a clean and pleasant smell.The apartment after repair just need, and are ready to help you in saving your strength and energy!