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Cleaning houses Kiev

To have a house is great fun. They say my home is my fortress. But the more "fortress", the more difficult to monitor the cleanliness of it. For owners of country houses, villas, cottages company "Premium Cleaning" has developed a comprehensive proposal for the care of the cleanliness and order in your home.Service cleaning the house Kyiv is aimed at maintaining the order in the house and around it. Your choice you can order cleaning the house (Kiev): seasonal, General cleaning of the house, weekly cleaning and monthly. Also can order cleaning the yard and the surrounding area.To order cleaning the house, you can call for a contact number for our company. Contact our specialist, you absolutely free access Manager of our cleaning company at home. The Manager of the company "Premium Cleaning" as you will find out all wishes of cleaning, will talk about the various advantages types of cleaning. After he will be able to immediately evaluate the scope of tasks and the range of services and will announce the exact price. Also at the place it will be possible to agree about the time and date of the procedure.Complex solution services Kyiv - cleaning the house, a cottage includes the following stages: cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, cleaning of kitchens and dining areas, cleaning of rooms and corridors, window washing, window frames, window sills.In these stages include works on cleaning of ceilings, floors, Windows, cabinets, glass facades, mirrors, tiles. Wash toilet bowls, sinks and tubs. Also giving light glass, sanitary equipment, tiles, chrome details.Kitchen cleaning involves the removal of fat from the surface, cleaning and washing of kitchen appliances, the inwash of the glass and mirror surfaces, cleaning of kitchen furniture.House cleaning in Kiev takes a lot of time, which is spent daily on staying in traffic jams, travel to place of work, the queue in supermarkets, etc. With the cleaning company "Premium Cleaning" you will learn to save time, they are all missing. Don't worry, our specially trained staff will take and make your home Shine and sparkle with purity!Cleaning is only a modern and professional equipment for cleaning. German quality of our equipment is the guarantee of cleanliness of your home.