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Cleaning of apartments Kiev

The most popular service of the company "Premium Cleaning" remains cleaning of apartments in Kiev. Cleaning of the apartment in the conditions of such cities as Kiev necessary. A large number of transport raise a lot of dust which gets in our apartments, and cleaning helps maintain microclimate in the premises. Ordering services of cleaning Kiev apartment You are guaranteed cleaning of high quality, using only the professional equipment and eco-chemistry for cleaning the apartment.This service on cleaning of the apartment allows You to save personal time for his children, relatives, friends. Will free time for work, self-education Hobbies. Use your time efficiently and "Premium Cleaning" is ready to do all the dirty work for You!Manager, who will come to your house (completely free), easy to assess the scale of cleaning, will give consultations and agree with You about the conditions for cleaning of the apartment.Cleaning of apartments in Kiev includes such stages as: washing Windows in the apartment, balcony frames and washing the Windows, cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets, rugs, carpet, disinfection of sanitary ware, cleaning from dust ceilings and walls, taking out the trash.After cleaning our specialists will not smell, eco - friendly cleaning products and cleaning do not cause allergic reactions and is absolutely safe for children.Cleaning of the apartment can be both seasonal weekly and daily. About any kind of such services is always possible to agree, calling on the house of our Manager (Manager call free). We are happy to help you with cleaning of your apartment and thereby free up time for Your personal Affairs.Cleaning of the apartment and other premises is made with the use of professional cleaning equipment for cleaning. The company "Premium Cleaning" uses only high-quality equipment from the German manufacturer of company "Karcher". For our equipment we buy only professional eco-chemistry companies Prochem (England), Swish (Canada), Buzil, Germany), Karcher (Germany).