Modern buildings, business centers, residential skyscrapers, glass panels large shopping and entertainment centers attract the eyes of passers-by and beckon the Shine and gloss. However, over time, this impression is lost, and the dust, exhaust fumes, dirt do the trick. Cleaning company PremiumCleaning is pleased to offer its clients such services as cleaning facades, Kiev.The washing of facades in Kiev is a service offered by many cleaning companies, but before you make your choice, you should specify what equipment and cleaners uses the same or a different company. Workers PremiumCleaning use an expensive German equipment with possibility of adjustment of the pressure, quality detergents that remove the most stubborn deposits. We have many years of experience; we can easily cleanable various coatings, such as metal, wood, glass, stone, brick, plastic, plaster, cement and more.Washing plastic, composite materials and Alucobond is a very complex process as simple scraper can damage the surface. In this case, need special care, which is inherent to the cleaners PremiumCleaning. We also cleaned the facade tinted mirror box, which quickly become dirty, and a thin film of glass often deteriorates under the influence of physical factors. Grime is difficult to remove, but we guarantee that we will cope with any task. With our help You will enjoy the clean, beautiful appearance and comfort.In such a big city like Kiev, the washing of facades is a very popular service that allows the building to Shine with a new luster. Our Europe car rental service, You will save money, time, and will appreciate the work of employees. All employees are competent, courteous, diligent and Executive people. We never take our clients and deliver the work within the specified period in the best possible way. We appreciate Your trust and care about their reputation.Price washing of facades, You will find on our website or will receive detailed information by contacting us by phone.