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Office cleaning Kiev

Cleanliness and order in the office is a pledge of the company success. In a clean office is always nice to receive visitors, clients, and much more fruitful work. If You do not want to waste time on selection of the personnel, the equipment for cleaning, as well as the purchase of detergents and cleaning products, please contact us. The company "Premium Cleaning" will always be glad to help bring clean."Premium Cleaning supplies such a service as office Cleaning Kiev. To order cleaning services in the office by calling our contact phone number. In any area of Kiev, You will arrive our Manager (free) and tell you about all the advantages of the services office Cleaning Kiev.The cost of cleaning the office (price) can always be discussed with the Manager and it depends on volume of work. Also with the Manager can discuss the services of long-term partnership, cleaning of office on a permanent basis.Office cleaning on a regular basis implies daily cleaning in the office (morning, evening), or cleaning in the office throughout the day. You can also talk about cleaning in the office once a week.Our cleaning company ready to help with the cleaning of the office is after repair, to get things right after construction dust and debris, to prepare the room for the entry of staff and customer visits.For people who understand the importance of cleanliness and maintenance of the microclimate in workplaces offer eco-cleaning of office". This cleaning is done with the best eco - funds. All eco - chemistry certified and does not cause allergic reactions, does not leave an unpleasant smell.Our specially trained staff cleaned it at any time convenient for You. In the process of realization will be applied only high-quality equipment.Kiev is a big city, where cleaning in the office an integral part of the workflow. Yours is the Choice of cleaning on a regular basis, or one-time, daily or weekly, once or several times a day.Office cleaning includes washing ceilings, tiles, bathrooms, plumbing, Windows, mirrors, window sills, pleaseee rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. Washing and cleaning of batteries, cleaning of ventilation flaps. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting our management Department.