Уборка после пожара потопа-en

Cleaning up after a fire, flood
We live in a world of innovative technologies and today it is very difficult to imagine living room in which there is no appliances and electronics. Short circuit can contribute to the fire, which will turn the building into ruins and a bunch of soot, which is very difficult to remove.Company “PremiumCleaning” is glad to offer its services in this difficult but not insurmountable fact. Cleaning up after a fire (Kyiv) is not an easy job, but in our assortment there are various techniques that will help to solve problems of different complexity: professional vacuum cleaners, Vodoley, car wash, high-pressure, steam cleaners and steam generators. Also we produce dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, treating her reagents that allow to eliminate the smell of burning.For a start, our Manager will come to inspect the premises to collect the necessary information about the damage and pollution, and will calculate the amount of work and cost. Next, our experienced employees will remove the fire foam or water will clean the surface using special chemicals that are environmentally friendly and eliminates the smell of burning. Cleaners will take out the garbage, unsuitable objects and remnants of furniture. Using special cleaning equipment of German quality, our team of professionals will clean the Windows, walls and doors from soot and grime.Sometimes people are faced with problems of water supply systems and breakthrough sewage systems. Cleaning after floods (Kyiv) is rather time-consuming, and requires a lot of effort, but a team of professionals “PremiumCleaning” at the highest level cope with cleaning the premises and will help to restore the interior, and take care of a musty odor and mold. Water-absorbing technology and modern methods of drying allow to eliminate moisture and mould with soft covers, carpets, furniture, floors. Now cleaning up after a breakthrough sanitation (Kyiv) is not a problem, special cleaning products eliminate unpleasant smells and help efficiently remove undesired contamination.If You find yourself in an unpleasant situation in the home or office there was a fire or a flood,- do not despair. Highly qualified staff who know their business will come to You for help, and Your property will be saved and restored.