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Daily cleaning service in Kiev and Ukraine
Our company provides all kinds of services for physical and legal persons on daily professional cleaning of premises.Daily cleaning of shopping and business centers is divided into supporting and complex. Supporting daily cleaning is available throughout the day or time consuming. A comprehensive daily cleaning is carried out at the end or at the beginning of the working day. Heater in the room is the current dry and wet cleaning.Daily cleaning is performed under the contract and are performed by personnel who attached the object. The price of daily cleaning of premises for legal entities depends on the area clean premises, the number of people in a team of cleaners, operating mode and other factors stipulated in the agreement.The maintenance of facilities can involve a single cleaner, and a whole group. Daily cleaning of shopping and business centers in Kiev and Ukraine may include wiping dust, vacuuming, polished tile, granite, washing of floors, garbage removal, cleaning and provision of consumables toilets, washing of Windows and showcases, stained glass Windows...Daily cleaning of houses, apartments in Kiev is at very competitive prices. Cleaning at home can be done either every day or once a week, at the appointed time with you.All personnel have been specially selected and trained professionally performing cleaning services in Kiev and Ukraine.Daily cleaning of apartments, houses is carried out using environmentally friendly chemicals that do not spoil the surface of furniture and leave a pleasant smell.In the service of cleaning of the apartment includes cleaning of floors, Windows, mirrors, window sills, bathrooms...Also can order dry-cleaning of soft furniture and carpeting. Additionally you can order cleaning of curtains.Do not forget about the possibility for the house to call the Manager to assess the cost for daily cleaning. The Manager will give you a detailed consultation about the stages and types of works on cleaning of the apartment (house). Also with the Manager will be to discuss the date on which should come cleaners.