Dry cleaning in Kiev

One of the most popular types of cleaning is - dry cleaning of soft furniture (Kiev).This service today gained a lot of popularity and dry cleaning services have become more popular. Do not experiment with cleaning products and chemicals, leave the cleaning of furniture professionals.Cleaning of sofas, soft furniture (armchairs, chair, Ottoman), carpet coverings (carpet, carpets) is included in the package of services, dry cleaning Kiev". You can also order the cleaning of curtains.What for to order dry-cleaning of soft furniture at home?Upholstered furniture constantly accumulate dust and dirt, which can be removed with a dry cleaning. Also in the process of operation of sofas, armchairs, chairs (soft furniture) can be unpleasant smells. Cleaning company "Premium Cleaning" uses modern mobile equipment for dry cleaning. This will reduce the cash cost of transporting furniture dry-cleaning services, reduce the time for it. Specialists will quickly bring your furniture in aesthetic look away from her unpleasant odors, stains, dust and dirt. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture in Kyiv at home is to save money and time!Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture can be of several types:- fungicidal treatment of soft surfaces;- furniture dry-cleaning facilities for washing;- removing stains;- eco-cleaning of soft furniture.Our Manager will help you to choose what suits you!Sanitary purposes must be every six months to carry out cleaning of carpets and carpet coverings. Carpet and soft furniture, have the ability to accumulate dust and dirt, which display a simple vacuum impossible.We offer the following types of dry cleaning of carpets and carpet coverings:- deep cleaning;- removing dirt and dust;- removing stains and odors.Also offer the cleaning of mattresses at home.Dry cleaning of mattresses in Kyiv at home will save time and family budget.Do not forget the free call our Manager to assess the cost of the cleaning. Our Manager will properly determine the degree of contamination of upholstered furniture, carpets, carpet. The Manager will be possible to receive consultation on the type of cleaning is better to clear something pollution and learn about the stages of conducting dry cleaning.The price of cleaning of soft furniture, carpet, carpet, you will be pleasantly surprised.