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Dry cleaning salon auto Kiev
The car is not only a means of transportation, with its help you can tell a lot about the owner: what kind of life he leads, and which has the status. Dirty auto unlikely to emphasize the status and create a favorable impression. The machine can be washed with plain water, but the beauty demands more careful courtship using special. chemicals.Dry cleaning salon auto (Kyiv) is easy and fast if You use the services of “PremiumCleaning”. Specialists take care of Your iron horse at the highest level, will give it a gloss, brightness and cleans even the most remote places. We use expensive German equipment, high-grade chemistry, which displays the most difficult stains. Our employees are specially trained to their work, have a lot of experience, they work quickly and qualitatively.Qualitative cleaning of auto salons in Kiev is the removal of impurities of all kinds, elimination of unpleasant smells that are not output common cleaning agents. Professionals prolong the operational period of a car and will protect Your health from diseases of the respiratory tract caused by dust, various microorganisms and mould.Dry cleaning of car showrooms in Kyiv with “PremiumCleaning” occurs in stages. First, removes dirt, dust, dirt, sand using special vacuum with internal parts of the cabin. Next, we make a thorough treatment of certain chemicals, which are selected individually, taking into account the quality of the upholstery. Chemicals can push all deep pollution, to raise the pile fabrics, carpets, resume color of the upholstery. All solutions, used by our employees, certified, does not cause allergies and other adverse reactions, have a pleasant smell. We produce the cleaning of various elements in the car: cleaning stains, rugs, torpedoes, sex, seats, Luggage compartment cover, plastic interior and other Price depends on the complexity of pollution and the size of the car.On the final stage we produce dried whole cabin. You will make sure of the quality of services provided and will be definitely satisfied with the work done.