Company “PremiumCleaning” pleases its clients the exclusive service - ozonation. This is the newest technology of disinfection, which restores the natural levels of ionization of air. It is much more effective and faster than the disinfection of the premises chlorine, ultraviolet radiation or chemicals. You will feel the primeval freshness and clarity of the air.Ozonization, Kiev has a number of useful properties:- the destruction of pathogenic microbes, fungi, bacteria, viruses that may be in the air and in the water;- ozone can turn toxins into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water;- promotes healing of wounds, clean the lungs, and slows down the aging process of the skin;- saves apartment/ office from parasites harmful microbes and allergens;- protects against various types of epidemics;-eliminate manifestations of adverse reactions in allergic people who suffer from dust, dust mites.Such toxins as ammonia, benzene, chloroform, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and other harmful substances may be located not only on the street, but in our homes. Therefore it is desirable to get rid of them, that they did not cause harm to health. The above toxins can cause headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, depression, irritation of the respiratory tract, the reduction of immunity, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases, retarded the development of children and even cancer.Ozonization is relevant not only in houses or apartments, but also in offices. Polluted air in the premises does harm to personnel, reduces work capacity and negatively affects the image of the whole company.This service more and more often began to order the owners of sports clubs, game rooms, bowling, restaurants, Billiards, also the procedure is performed in the baths and the saunas, educational institutions, banks and libraries.With "PremiumCleaning" You not only cleans the room, but also will get rid of different smell: the smell of tobacco smoke, pet odor after construction or renovation, from "flavors" Gary, mold, tochnosti, and smells spoiled products.