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Washing of Windows Kyiv

All have the same need as washing Windows. It's a long process and it's always hard to start. All the same it is necessary to do everything so that no spots and stains. And at a high altitude it is also dangerous. Washing of Windows in Kiev is required because of the large number of transport in the atmosphere is going to a lot of dust. No need to bother with this long and labor-intensive process, leave it to professionals! The company "Premium Cleaning" has prepared for you a special package of services called "the Washing of Windows and showcases Kiev".At any moment can call to us and to call the Manager to inspect the front of works and valuation of window washing in Kiev. The Manager will come at the appointed date and at the agreed time and absolutely free. The cost of services of washing of Windows and showcases in Kiev depends on the number, availability of double-glazed Windows, access to the window, with many window sash is a window height of the window block.Our cleaners without any problems wash off Windows, show-Windows, glass facades. Washing of Windows in Kiev our specialists will leave you satisfied. You will not see spots, stains and dirt. In your house again penetrate the sunlight, and with him a good mood.Service window washing can be both one-time and ongoing. This service is good for the owners of the offices and shops. Nobody wash off so the shop window or glass facade, as a trained professional. The Windows are washed only eco-chemistry that leaves a pleasant scent and not any allergic reactions.Washing of Windows consists of the following steps: wash window sills, cornices, wiping slopes, wiping ebbs. Also washing frames on both sides and purification of space between frames, and self-cleaning Windows. Pre desire our staff can spend remove the tape from the surface of frames of Windows, balcony frames.Professional window cleaning includes:- Drawing on glass soap solution (eco-chemistry).- Removal of heavy pollution. So as not to leave scratches and scuffs on the surface of the glass.- Remove solution from a glass.- Drying boxes.